Saturday, April 19, 2008

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Title: Jarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Author:J.K Rowling
Publisher: Scholastic 1997
Grade level: 4th and up

Summary: When Harry’s parents die he goes to live with his aunt, uncle and cousin, who are a little strange. After figuring out that his family were wizards he get invited to the school of Hogwarts were he to can become a wizard. This is when he finds out his parents left him a lot of money. While traveling to Hogwarts he meets Ron, someone who he later becomes best friends with, Hermoine, and Draco, who turns out to be a horrible little boy. After arriving at school he does very well in it. He finds out he is especially good on a flying broom and gets accepted to play on the quidditch team, a sport at Hogwarts. A troll enters the school on Halloween. Hermoine gets trapped with the troll in the bathroom were Harry has to go save her. For Christmas Harry receives a cloak that makes him invisible, he uses it to sneak around the school. Harry finds the Mirror of Erised, this mirror shows you your deepest desires. When Harry gazes into the mirror he sees his parents. Strange things start happening to Harry and in friends around the school. While investigating, they find a three headed huge dog protecting something, turns out he is protecting the sorcerer’s stone. The sorcerer’s stone gives strength and eternal life to whomever posses it. Harry is the only one that was able to successfully complete all the trials to the stone. Were he finds that Professor Quirrill was the evil one trying to steal the stone. Harry defeats him but is badly injured, but he recovers. And now Harry is a hero among the school.

Responce: I have never read a Harry Potter book, and I tell you what; they are really neat! I thought it was going to be silly, all of the wizards and Trolls. But it keeps your attention so good; I see why everyone reads them. There is always something going on that makes you want to just keep reading. I love the whole idea of a little boy who lost his parents and then turns out that he can be a hero.

Teaching Ideas: This would be a great book for 5th grade literature to teach about fantasy. It would definitely keep the students attention and get them excited about reading this kind of literature. and honestly, just like for this class, I think having the students make their own Mirror of Erised, to show their deepest desires. This activity makes you think about what is really important in life.

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